QRB - Furniture Refinishing Kit

Only $47.95


QRB - Furniture Refinishing Kit

Quickly Restore Beauty to Your Wood Furniture!

QRB - Quickly Restore Beauty to Your Wood Furniture! the fun, easy, inexpensive way to refinish all of your wood furniture!

Don't spend hundreds of dollars to refinish old or damaged furniture. With QRB, you can strip away old paint and varnish in just minutes and immediately re-stain or re-varnish the furniture - no waiting, no big bills and no hassles! Best of all, QRB is super easy to use. There's no sanding, scraping or ugly mess to clean up. Simply apply the Paint and Varnish remover to your furniture, wipe it off with a cloth and discard! QRB removes almost any finish including oil and water based paints like varnish, baked-on enamel, marine finishes, lacquer, acrylics, latex paint, most plastic finishes and more!

The QRB Kit includes:

  • 1/2 Gallon QRB Paint and Varnish Remover
  • 1/2 Pint QRB Instant Finish
    ...the 3-in-1 finish that allows for a flat, satin or gloss finish by simply mixing the finish
  • 1 Pint QRB Match-A-Color Stain with Color Capsules
  • Color Chart
    ...allows you to make over 100 different color wood stains by simply adding the appropriate color tablets to the stain
  • QRB Scratch Remover (4 oz. light and 4 oz. dark)
    ...gives nicked or scratched furniture a "face-lift."
  • 40 Minute Instructional Audio Cassette

For beginners, hobbyists and homemakers!

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